Implementation of DaluxFM in Frederikshavn Municipality

The Department for Properties in Frederikshavn Municipality is fully implementing the Dalux Facility Management System and made a good start. The implementation of DaluxFM started in September. From the begining the goal was clear: Frederikshavn Municipality wanted to have a full implementation of DaluxFM in four months. Just one month into the process, the results were good and optimistic: The process is running great. During the next week, we are ready to introduce the new tool to the first employees as well as the Helpdesk which is very important in our digitalization strategy. Dalux is excited about the collaboration with Frederiskahvn Municipality and looks forward to helping to meet the ambitious goals of full implementation just in four months: It is a great pleasure and honor for me, that I can continue the close cooperation I have had with the Department for Properties in Frederikshavn Municipality for over past 10 years. In a month they have started our digital Helpdesk up for their internal use in the Department for Properties. It has been greatly appreciated by the department of properties team! Through the implementation of DaluxFM, the digital world is fully utilized with the users in Frederikshavn Municipality, as all meetings and introductions to DaluxFM are held as video conferences. This saves time, resources and CO2 emission from the transport.


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