Ejendomsvirke chooses Dalux FM

Ejendomsvirke A / S is experiencing a significant improvement in their work after choosing Dalux Facility Management to support the management of tasks and communication with customers and suppliers.

Ejendomsvirke A / S has investigated the market for a tool that could support Ejendomsvirke in everyday operations. At the same time, it should be easy and natural to use by all stakeholders associated with the company, including managers, operations managers, operations coordinators, operations assistants, administrative staff, customers, and suppliers.

The reason why DaluxFM was chosen was because of the secure documented quality for customers, optimized workflows, the ease of everyday tasks, and its ability to provide a good overview – something that, according to Ejendomsvirke, creates the best possible quality in everyday work.

Soon after Ejendomsvirke got started with DaluxFM, they noticed a clear difference.

Today with DaluxFM, we have significantly improved our work orders on clients’ properties. Now that all tasks are digital on the facilities manager’s app, it is ensured that an employee replacement can see what he has to do, and it gives great value to our customers.

According to Dalux, there has also been good dialogue and an incredibly exciting process with Ejendomsvirke:

Morten Damsgaard, FM Consultant at Dalux, says that it has been an amazingly great process.

There has been a great need to create structure in the data. In the dialogue with Ejendomsvirke, needs and challenges have been articulated so that they can be taken care of in the correct order. Ejendomsvirke has had several specific and partly special needs for which we have found the right solutions. During implementation, an employee wanted to get started ahead of schedule because he saw many benefits of the system. He had to carry out building inspections and lacked a more efficient tool. I am very much looking forward to seeing where this journey takes Ejendomsvirke because new wishes are constantly coming. Both directly from Ejendomsvirke, but also from their customers.


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