Norwegian construction workers use Augmented Reality technology

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Dalux equips 35,000 construction workers in Norway from AF Gruppen – the Norwegian leading contracting and industrial group with Augmented Reality technology.

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Augmented Reality technology blends the digital and physical worlds. Using a smartphone or tablet, TwinBIM simply combines the BIM model into your real-time physical environment, enabling it to be viewed and interacted.

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Augmented Reality undoubtedly contributes to an increased understanding of what is to be built and how to build it. You get a kind of ‘x-ray vision’ which is very nice to have,

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The engineers behind the AR technology at Dalux believe that the ability to use AR on standard mobile phones and standard formats such as IFC, Revit and Archicad can help spread the use of AR in the market.

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We can access the building model via the mobile phone and show it to construction workers depending on where they stand. The fact that our technology can be used on ordinary mobile devices makes it much easier for the construction industry to absorb it, as everyone eventually has a phone or tablet.



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