Statsbygg chooses Dalux for all their 2.800.000 m2 buildings

Statsbygg in Norway has chosen Dalux as their SaaS-platform for all BIM models and digital Facility Management information.

The biggest benefit of this agreement is that we can make much more data available on our existing buildings. It will have a lot to say for efficiency and for avoiding mistakes,

The solution will handle Statsbygg’s BIM models, drawings, assets and all other Facility Management related documentation and data.

Statsbygg is one of the leading governmental organization in the world regarding BIM and digital twins and made it a requirement in 2010 that all buildings should be BIM based. They have an ambitious digitalization strategy and have a clear vision of their use of mobile and digital twin technologies – like 3D, sensors and Augmented Reality. In that light, we are very proud and honored that Statsbygg have chosen Dalux as their cloud digital twin platform

All BIM and FM information easily accessible in one place
Using Dalux, all digital twin information is available in a web browser or on a tablet and mobile.

For the first time, we can now gather and make all technical information available in one place. Thus, we can easily create linkages between our FM information. This is a very important part of our efforts to digitalize our buildings and will be the foundation of our work with digital twins

A digital twin is a digital copy of the physical building, where all the necessary information is available throughout the lifespan of the building for those who need it, where they need it. Digital twins are useful both in building processes and when the finished building is to be maintained and operated.

Statsbygg also plans to use Dalux’ augmented reality (AR) technology for Facility Management and maintenance.


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