BIM-Specialist Dalux opens a new office in Madrid

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Dalux, which provides software to digitalize the construction industry, opens a new office in Madrid to support over 2500 users and  projects in collaboration with Ferrovial Agroman and Vía Célere.

As one of the leading players in Europe within BIM-based software, Dalux has decided to open an office in Spain in order to support over 2.500 Spanish users and accelerate the digitization of the construction industry in Spain. The office will be headed by Country Manager, Néstor del Pozo.

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BIM Maturity

For more than 15 years, Dalux has worked to make construction processes more efficient with software for BIM on site, document management and augmented reality. Dalux’s products are used by leading contractors, builders and advisors in 115 countries. Spain is currently undergoing a revolution in the implementation of the BIM methodology and public procurement, and Dalux expects to become a key player in supporting this change.

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The Spanish market has a great potential for technological growth in construction, and Dalux has the necessary solutions to make the digital transformation of the sector comfortable and simple for all the agents. Establishing a permanent presence in Spain, we will work towards a more sustainable industry based on the use of BIM.

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BIM on site

Via Celere is one of the Spanish real estate companies that uses Dalux Field to implement quality controls, such as supervision, audits,  as well as verification for the control of the personalization of houses that their clients request. The company will also implement Dalux Field for their the internal security inspections.

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The implementation of Dalux in our projects has allowed for an improvement in efficiency, especially in the quality processes. Thanks to Dalux Field, we are able to obtain a general vision of the construction process, since it facilitates the communication between all the intervening parts- subcontractors, construction companies, and promoters.



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