Koncenton – Denmark’s largest real estate investor chooses Dalux

Koncenton A / S has chosen to collaborate with Dalux to support their growth strategy and increase the need for digitization in the BUILDING and FACILITY MANAGEMENT. 

Koncenton A / S has been experiencing great growth in the housing market. In connection with this growth, the operations department needed a system to facilitate propertiesbuildings, and all their related tasks as well as suppliers. 

We tested several options, but Dalux is the solution with the highest user-friendliness while providing all the functionalities. The choice was simple then. From the first presentation, it was clear that this was a system that worked perfectly with our needs. Our tenants can easily report bugs/deficiencies so we can quickly respond to and pass on to craftsmen, so the entire process becomes as fast as possible and no tickets/tasks are lost. 

Quick and easy implementation 

Koncenton had some expectations of what a platform could do to meet their needs and after thorough market analysis, they chose Dalux. 

Our expectation for the platform was that it could easily be expanded with extra data fields, easy access, high data security, ease of use and integration – all of these were met with Dalux. We are now in the process of implementing Dalux, which is progressing very well – the communication with Dalux is on a high level and all challenges are solved immediately.

A comprehensive solution that supports growth 

For Dalux, it has also been an incredibly exciting process and Koncenton has been good at expressing their needs and challenges in the operation of the properties – both those they have today and their expectations for the future. 

I think that the openness, honesty and trust that Koncenton A / S has shown us throughout the process demonstrate that the values of our two businesses match incredibly well. The entire process with Koncenton A / S has only taken 2 months since Christina Ruus Frost approached us and until we reached an agreement in December. Already on the 10th of January we had a start-up meeting with the super users and planned the implementation of DaluxFM. I really look forward to being part of the journey that Koncenton A / S is on. I am sure that they will become an even bigger professional real estate investor and owner in the future.

Koncenton A / S is experiencing strong growth in the housing market and we expect to increase our property portfolio and leases from 1,500 to 4,500 units within the next few years. Koncenton has just been named Denmark’s largest real estate investor in 2019 In Cushman & Wakefield’s annual RED report. Further, Koncenton also ranks first as Denmark’s largest real estate investor in 2019. To solve this task, it became clear to us that we need the right tools to support our business and help us to professionalize our operations and our client’s role. After a thorough market analysis, we decided that Dalux is the right choice for Koncenton A / S to work with. Throughout the course, we have had a good dialogue with Lotte Tønder and Mikkel Laurberg from Dalux. They have presented a comprehensive solution that fits the needs of Koncenton A / S today – but equally important to those, we see future growth.


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