SRV uses Dalux on a large project in Finland

SRV is using Dalux Augmented Reality on a complex construction project with over 250 users in the system. SRV has used Dalux since 2019 and they now have over 120 active projects with Dalux. One of these large, ongoing projects, is Tampereen Kansi and Areena in Finland, which includes a hotel building with 105 rooms, 148 […]

Guerola is using Dalux for the construction phase

Guerola Spain implemented Dalux BIM as part of their technology strategy in order gain a competitve edge in the Valencian Community.  Guerola specialises in comprehensive construction services. Over the course of 35 years, they have gained extensive experience in civil works and construction for both private and public clients. Guerola chose to partner with Dalux because they believe that there is no other tool that fulfills […]

Jansen Group elevates its operations with Dalux BIM

With over 350 professionals working on a daily basis to achieve top objectives, the Jansen Building Company has high standards. In order to support its operations, they have collaborated with Dalux. Dalux has no external investors and can therefore think long term and focus undisturbed on customer needs and demands.  BIM isn’t just a tool to visualize the project in 3D, it is more a way of working together. Especially between the offices and the people on-site and for example subcontractors. That is why we choose Dalux as our BIM tool. […]

DTU implements Dalux HelpDesk among 6,000 students

For the past many years, DTU has focused on digitalising daily operations by means of digital FM tools. Their newest development is the implementation of Dalux HelpDesk.  DTU has implemented Dalux HelpDesk in their three largest campuses, namely, Lyngby, Ballerup, and Risø. This means that 6,000 students and 12,000 employees can report various problems they experience in everyday life, such as faucet drips or fused light bulbs in the classroom. […]

Mostostal Warsaw makes a strategic agreement with Dalux

Mostostal Warsaw signs a company agreement with Dalux as a step in their digital transformation. A strategic cooperation with Dalux is the latest step of Mostostal Warsaw on the way to the digitization of all processes. Dalux tools will support more effective management of construction processes in the company. “Mostostal Warsaw’s slogan is “WE BUILD […]

JM Sweden enters into a strategic collaboration with Dalux

men at construction site using Dalux Field on mobile and tablet

JM, one of the leading developers of housing and residential areas in the Nordic region, enters a strategic collaboration agreement with Dalux. JM continues their investment in digital working methods in the housing production and the latest step in their journey has been to establish a platform for collaboration. The final choice fell on Dalux, […]

Ejendomsvirke chooses Dalux FM

Ejendomsvirke A / S is experiencing a significant improvement in their work after choosing Dalux Facility Management to support the management of tasks and communication with customers and suppliers. Ejendomsvirke A / S has investigated the market for a tool that could support Ejendomsvirke in everyday operations. At the same time, it should be easy […]

Danmarks største ejendomsinvestor Koncenton vælger Dalux

Koncenton A/S har valgt at indgå samarbejde med Dalux for at understøtte deres vækststrategi og øget behov for digitalisering inden for BYGGERI og FACILITY MANAGEMENT. Koncenton A/S oplever stor vækst på boligmarkedet og i forbindelse med væksten havde driftsafdelingen brug for et system til at faciliteter ejendomme/bygninger og alle hertil hørende opgaver samt leverandører. Vi […]

Effektiv implementering af DaluxFM i Ejendomscentret, Frederikshavn Kommune

Ejendomscentret i Frederikshavn Kommune er i fuld gang med at implementere Dalux Facility Management System og er kommet godt fra start.  Implementeringen af DaluxFM startede i september og målsætningen var klar: Frederikshavn kommune ønskede fuld implementering af DaluxFM på fire måneder. Blot én måned inde i processen var resultaterne gode og optimismen stor: Processen kører fantastisk, […]

Dalux Summit 2019 välkomnar mer än 500 personer

Detta år välkomnade vi mer än 500 personer från 27 olika länder, dubbelt så många som förra året. Vi är glada att se ett stort intresse hos så många professionella inom byggbranschen som vill hjälpa oss nå vårt huvudmål: att skapa en cool produkt. Evenemanget samlade Dalux Build och DaluxFM kunder. Deltagarna hade möjlighet att […]

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